It rained today. All day. And I figured out the best way to get the zoo to yourself is to go when it's raining. It was fun. Barely any people. And the hyenas were (for once) up and walking around (they stared at me. Creepy.) and I got to see the New Guinea singing dog puppies again. Found out the biggest, ugliest camel is named Mongo (which totally fits.) Popped into the nursery, and the lady had the baby Wolf's guenon (a monkey) in her arms and was walking around, but stopped long enough to let me get a look at him. Awww.

The birds were happy. See? These are Lorys in one of the aviaries. They just got fed. This is looking down from a bridge, as it's a multi-level aviary.

. . . my zoo love gave to me:

Six creepy turtles:

Fiiiiiiiive )


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