Hightlights of the day included seeing the flamingos get fed. Okay, well, not terribly exciting, just funny watching the flock follow the keeper around the pen. And listening to two very knowledgeable keepers in the bug house talking about how this one bird-eating tarantula doesn't actually eat birds (it got its name because the guy who named it saw it with a bird, but it's too heavy to actually go after them on purpose) and has dangerous hairs; if you get one in your eye, it'll be swollen shut for two weeks. If you get some in your nose and throat--bad news, dude. And they have five layers of mesh in the cage to protect the keepers from it. I kept trying to think of a nifty SF story or something to use that in.

Anyway. On to slightly less dangerous critters. These are, um, African short-nosed crocs, I think.


lizards and snakes and pythons, oh my! )


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