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([personal profile] tcastleb Dec. 10th, 2008 08:03 pm)
Since several of you went OH LOOK KITTY I LUVS KITTIES at the last set, here you go. I got my bare toe stepped on by a squirmy kindergartner in a school group to get this shot, so, you see, I will even risk injury to get a great photo for my fans.

Meet the new kitty on the block: Nindiri the jaguar. She rotates in and out of this cage with the black jaguar, Orson. This is the first time I've seen her up close, and, boy, she's pretty.

And for those of you who are dog people, here's a New Guinea singing dog. She just had puppies. There are four, and they make cute little noises too. The tour bus driver lady said they were about five weeks old.

And, much to everyone's astonishment, including the lady who provides a live, constant panda narration and gently encourages people to move along after taking a few pics, the pandas were playing! Evidently they hadn't done that in ages, or Zhen Zhen, the 16-month-old youngster would, but mom Bai Yun wouldn't. I got lucky; today was an exception.

And here's one of two rhino brothers that were brought in from the Wild Animal Park. They're something-or-other one-horned rhinos.

And in just a couple days I'll be staring the annual 12 days of zoo pics. Yaaay!
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