. . . my zoo love gave to me:

Twelve handsome oryx/gemsbok,

(Went to the Wild Animal Park" tonight and got to ride the tour bus at night and see the critters. Got to see a few gemsbok right up next to the fence, including a year-old juvenile who was very cute. This pic is from earlier this year though.)

Eleven Nemos (er, false anenomefish) swimming,

Ten nifty beetles,

Nine koi fish,

(These are from the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park. This is actually a new batch; sadly, their older ones died because of a filter malfunction last month. Poor fishies.)

Eight sable antelope,

Seven giraffes and friends:

Six creepy turtles:

Fiiiiiiiive of [livejournal.com profile] birdhousefrog's Chickens!

Four bonobos:

Three tiger cubs:

Two pastel cheetahs

And a guanaco looking at me!

And thus concludes the 2008 12 days of zoopics. Thanks for stopping by and enjoying them, and I will now return you to your normal, non-whacked out weekly zoo pics. (Unless I manage to get my hands on a copy of photoshop; then all bets are off. Bwa ha ha ha ha.)

From: [identity profile] julieandrews.livejournal.com

I'm mightily jealous of all your cool zoo pictures. I want a zoo! And the camera and 1337 skills to take advantage of it!

What would you do with Photoshop that Gimp couldn't do?

From: [identity profile] tcastleb.livejournal.com

Um. I dunno what Photoshop does, really. Never heard of Gimp. And I don't know how to use the camera half as good as I should; a lot of it is luck and getting the critters in the right place at the right time.

From: [identity profile] julieandrews.livejournal.com

Ah, Gimp is quite like Photoshop, only it's free. I'm definitely at amateur-level on using it, but I've started installing and playing with plugins.


From: [identity profile] mindseas.livejournal.com

Lovely zoo tour as always! My favorites were the cheetahs, bonobos, chickens, antelope, and oryx! (I guess that's a good portion of them.)

From: [identity profile] jessica-freely.livejournal.com

Happy New Year!

Off to residency Fri., and then -- just three weeks 'til San Diego!

From: [identity profile] tcastleb.livejournal.com

YAAAAYYYY!!!!!!! Hey, I asked for that Wed, Thurs, Fri off so I can play Tour Guide. Have fun at residency; congrats on graduating another one!


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