I don't suppose there's anyone out there that can tape/DVR Criminal Minds tonight? Evidently it's a LOT like Orossy.

Please? It's on at 9pm PST on CBS, and I can't get that channel. No cable, and stupid blankety blank converter box.

ETA: Crisis averted.  <lj user="seajules"> is my hero!

From: [identity profile] eroticjames.livejournal.com

You know that http://www.CBS.com puts the latest episode of most shows up on the net so that you can veiw them later in the week? I usually watch CSI on Friday afternoon on my lunch break instead of trying to catch it on TV.

From: [identity profile] eroticjames.livejournal.com

of course just dbl checked and it doesn't appear that Criminal Minds is one they put full vids up for...

From: [identity profile] indigo-room.livejournal.com

I happened to see this episode last night--I don't watch the show regularly, but Zach does--and yes, you may find it interesting from an Orossy angle! There was something else about the episode that really caught my attention but wasn't developed at all in the plot; I'd be curious to see what, if anything, you make of it when you watch the ep, but I don't want to preload you with my opinion on it! (Or drop a spoiler.)


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