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([personal profile] tcastleb Apr. 29th, 2009 06:06 pm)
Okay, it's been a while. Zoo's been crowded 'cause of spring break and I was out of town last week, sooo . . .

Went today with a friend from work and his friend and walked around almost the whole zoo.


And it's starting to be baby season. Meet the newest giraffe, only two weeks old.

Giraffe and two-week-old baby

And here's a young yellow-backed duiker.

Baby yellow-backed duiker

And two baby sun bears (up in the tree limbs on the left) which are only the third and fourth sun bears ever to be born in captivity. SD Zoo had #2, also.

Sun bears

And just 'cause this Cuban iguana is one of my favorites to photograph:

Cuban iguana

But the pic of the day lies beneath the cut.

And we were totally stoked to walk by an exhibit when it was time to feed the snakes. Mmmm, mousies! (The mice were already dead.)

Snake eating mouse
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