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( Sep. 18th, 2008 04:37 pm)
Inspired by [ profile] birdhousefrog's post. This is a partial reason of why I'm having a hard time writing lately:

See, she has a nice towel over on the left there that she actually likes, but, no, it's more fun to lay on tcastleb's arms or mouse or right in front so tcastleb has to use her as an arm rest, which is hard, because Mina has a sensitive behind and she always raises it to get scratched. -sigh-

And, since it's Fitz's birthday somewhere around here (I dunno exactly when) he gets a pic too. Happy Birthday, sweet but annoying kitty.

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( Jun. 19th, 2008 06:49 pm)
. . .when I actually want to get some work done, Mina insists on being Velcro Cat and keeps rubbing me and then lies on my arms or the pages I'm trying to see?
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( Dec. 23rd, 2006 10:31 pm)
Got a lot of writing done, I think. I still have about four major sections to go, though. Lots of scenes. Arrrgh. I want it done. And I still haven't done my SHU crits. Read through them, but haven't commented yet.

And look, there's another Western fan in the house! That'd be Yul Brynner there on the screen. Hooray for Magnificent Seven!

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( Dec. 12th, 2006 08:58 pm)
Took the kitties to the vet. Fitz is fine. He must be allergic to something in the house. Mina, however, got antibiotics and nose drops to help with her congestion, but she doesn't have anything obvious. So that's good, 'cause I was worried Fitz had brought home some nasty virus and shared. Came home and did a few Xmas cards. Then I got more in the mail to people I hadn't planned on sending one to so that means I probably ought to be nice and return the gesture.

Been sitting here and generally staring at my book again, and am sort of getting another plague of doubts--a lot of what if's. Some of this has to do with reading [profile] raleva31's posts about queries and her thoughts on them. I know she won't rep mine anyway, but a couple of her comments on queries stuck out; namely, that it's a commonly-seen storyline when the character is falsely accused of rape and his life falls apart. Well, shoot, I have that in my story. (Granted, she also says it might work as long as it's not a central plot point, or it goes in a different direction, but I get stuck on the "it's been done before.")

So it's sort of getting stuck between the want to write something marketable and the desperation to stay away from cliches, and the need to write the story that's there. I know it's better not to write to the market, because it can be years before a new book gets published. But now I'm wracking my brain trying to think of a better storyline, or one that doesn't seem so cliche or how to make it more sexy a la Kushiel's Dart or something. I still have the nagging feeling that it's missing something writing-wise, and I even typed out some Robin Hobb, which actually helped me to get into the "zone" until I went and got myself distracted again. But so far it hasn't given me that magic insight into writing better prose. -sigh-

Or maybe I should just leave it alone and finish the darn thing. Again. Which I might be able to do if Mina wasn't sleeping on my arms right now.
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( Oct. 10th, 2006 08:26 pm)
Just been plugging away at the updated, unnamed book. I generally don't like to name the thing until it's completely done. Not that it necessarily makes finding a name any easier, but it does give me more to look at and consider.

Got mentor crits back a few days ago. Generally positive. This synopsis seems to work all right, and should be functional with a few minor tweaks. My favorite line in the crit: "Have you noticed that all the men in your book are either gay, transsexual, or evil? I didn’t see any straight men in the entire narrative. Your world can’t possibly be devoid of them!"

Um, yeah. I think I've been told that before. Happy to say I'm working on a scene with a straight and not evil man, but haven't actually made it obvious he's straight. Not that I'm going to force the issue to make it real obvious, because that would be dumb. But at least I have some hope now of passing the second term project approval thingy, which is due Oct. 27th. I should be fine. I hope.

Anyhoo. The book is eking its way along. Good news is there are several scenes I can re-use, though they'll need updated. I don't think I'll get this done by World Fantasy, like I was hoping, but it should get done by the end of the year. I feel like I'm spending waaay too much time on details and tweaking every little thing instead of moving forward, which I feel like I should do. Hmmm. Well, there's also that file of random scenes and thoughts that will hopefully be organized into the book in some way. Yes, I still write out of order. But in a way, it helps to get writing sometimes if I'm bored on a scene and that one just looks much more fun and *poof* there's some ideas for it.

Thursday was my kitty's third birthday. I went to Petco and got several things to spoil her (and to hopefully save my carpet.) A flat chunk of carpet with a bag of catnip to rub into it (she's roll-happy on that thing,) a carpet-covered square with a spring sticking up out of it and a feather-covered ball at the end (she liiiiikes that) a carpet-covered scratching post (which she has yet to utilize; why does her ideal scratching carpet have to be horizontal instead of vertical?) shiny foil balls which she'll play with once in a while, and a bag of greenies to keep her teeth clean. I hope. And grandma bought her some little fur mice which she likes too.

Anyhoo. Back to the book.


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