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( Jun. 26th, 2007 09:53 pm)
I just got back from an evening reception at UCSD to welcome all the new Clarionites to the program, which officially started yesterday. Nineteen students out of eighty-three applicants. I got the chance to talk with several of them, and they all seem like wonderful people and well-suited for the program. They're from various points around the world, such as Cairo, London, Lubbock, TX, Tempe, AZ, Philadelphia and San Diego. Several of them said it's a beautiful campus and they look forward to finding out more about it. They're all very excited to be here, and nervous about getting their work critiqued, and they just did their first round of crits this morning.

Special guests of the night included deans from UCSD, Vernor Vinge, David Brin and Nancy Holder, along with Clarion director Donald Wesling, who emphasized the links UCSD had between literature and science and how excited everyone was to have it at UCSD. They've got several things planned, like having various guests show up for dinner, including researchers and scientists from the school.

The first reading is tomorrow night at Mysterious Galaxy at 7pm with Greg Frost (a.k.a. frostokovich.) The rest are all on Wednesday nights at 7pm.

And, amazingly enough, they all managed to finagle free passes to Comic-Con on the Friday night it's in town. Go them!

They've also been strongly advised not to blog and to focus on writing instead, so, unfortunately, we won't be able to live vicariously through Clarion blogs this year.

But, never fear, the things that made Clarion at MSU special for all of us are still alive and well out here in San Diego. Congratulations to the first class at UCSD, and may their writing go well.

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