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( Jul. 26th, 2007 06:59 pm)
But--to start out--I have to say, [profile] writer_cpc and [profile] woldnewton_win, and [profile] savage_chuck, it just wasn't the same without you. And I miss being a "pro."

Walked down to the trolley and took it over to the convention center. Lots of fun stuff. Went to a panel with Tor editors ? Raab and Liz Gorynski as they went through books out and coming out, including [profile] tobiasbuckell's RAGAMUFFIN. (I woohoo'd. Liz gave me a funny look.)

Went to see my Clarion teacher and guest of honor Cory Doctorow do a reading, which was fun.

Then went and wandered. I did go up every aisle for the whole darn concourse. Yes, there were masses of people everywhere. But there were some fun things, like the inevitable costumes (lots of anime, storm troopers, and obi-wan wannabes.)

And this cool figure, but I don't know where he's from.

And then I wandered up 5th and stopped at the Ghirardelli store for some ice cream and went back in time to see Cory get his Locus Award for his novella, "When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth."

Then I hung around long enough to get my books signed by Lynn Flewelling, a.k.a. [profile] otterdance. And then I walked home, because I really wasn't in the mood to get on the trolley with masses of people. It was only twenty-five blocks or so. I think.

And there was free stuff. Lots of free books, including a Terry Brooks (yeah yeah, but the cover was green and I liked it and it was free) and the Catherine Asaro one she had at SHU, THE FIRE OPAL, ROGUE ANGEL by Alex Archer, and I got a poster to go with that. Some other posters of stuff I don't know what they are, but the art was cool.

And I was good. I didn't spend any money except on ice cream and a present for my uncle that is really hard to find anywhere else. I think. I did see some Yaoi that I wanted, but then figured it was stupid since I'll be going to that con later.

Oh, and Taos folks, Connie is one of the GOH's for Comic-Con next year. Woohoo!

So, yeah. And now I'd better get some writing done. And it's back to work at the hotel in the morning for the first time since, um, July 3rd, he he he. Funny, I haven't missed it a bit.


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