Hey folks. Thanks for your support on my last post. I whipped this up over the past couple of days, so let me know what you think. This one isn't friends-locked, so if you know other people that might be interested or have something to share, send 'em on over.

This is a very rough roughdraft; nothing is set in stone, especially the author contributors (because I haven't actually *asked* anyone yet) and works used. I admit to the authors and works I've mentioned is limited to those I've met in person or via internet and works I've read; it is not all-inclusive or necessarily the best examples of what's out there. This is more of a wishlist of people I'd like to work with and whom I know would have something to contribute, but please feel free to say "Yes please," "me too," or "no thanks" and I'll alter this accordingly. 

As far as author contributors; if you/they have books out currently, coming soon, or recently, that's preferable because I'm looking for works that are easily accessible, but if you have an older book that is relevant to this, than please let me know.  I'm not doing much with related short stories because they seem harder to get ahold of in general (maybe I'm wrong, but many are on the shelf for a very limited time,) but I will still create a list of them at the end of the book for reference.

For the anecdotes sections--that is, quotes by average readers about their experiences with LGBT SF/F, I hope to set up a questionnaire of sorts on my web page. I just have to figure out how to do it, and when and if I get that done I'll start soliciting people for that.

At the moment, I'm looking for more ideas on M/M SF, and works in F or SF that include transgendered persons. Cross-dressing is okay but I'm having a hard time thinking of books with truly transgendered persons.  I could also use more YA ideas, especially in something other than urban fantasy.

Any comments or suggestions overall would be welcome, whether it's format, content, structure, or whatever.  I do want this to be a current, relatable and interactive book of sorts, so any and all ideas at this point would be great.  I'm heading off to the library to pick up a couple of books on proposals (and because I need to do something besides sit in front of the computer on a nice day like today.)

Proposal overview and outline ) 

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