So, I've been quiet until there was an official announcement, and, yaaay, it's official. An Orossy story is going to see print on Valentine's Day!!!! This is my first print sale, so I'm totally stoked. And for those of you that know anything about the book, this is a stand alone story (novelette, technically, I suppose) that takes place about a month after the book ends. And now my website and email will finally make sense, he he he.

From editor Deborah J. Ross [ profile] deborahjross and Norilana books comes the second volume in the Lace and Blade series, which is "elegant, witty, dashing and sexy romantic fantasy" (and, having read the first volume, I agree totally.) Here's the lineup:

Rosemary Hawley Jarman, "More in Sorrow"
Mary Rosenblum, "Dragon Wind"
Diana E. Paxson, "The Crow"
Francesca Forrest, "The Biwa and the Water Koto"
Robin Wayne Bailey, "Trial by Moonlight" [ profile] robinbailey
Daniel Fox, "The Pillow Boy of General Shu" [ profile] moshui
Sherwood Smith, "Miss Austen's Castle Tour" [ profile] sartorias
Traci Castleberry, "Rent Girl" [ profile] tcastleb
Pauline Zed, "The Baroness' Ball"
Elisabeth Waters, "The Sixth String"
Tanith Lee, "Comfort and Despair"
Madeleine E. Robins, "Writ of Exception" [ profile] madrobins



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