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( May. 11th, 2007 11:06 pm)
Sent off the deadline stuff to my mentor yesterday--all 107 pages. Eeek. And I'm still not totally satisfied with it. It's the middle, something's wrong. -sigh-

On to the downhill side of the book, which (so far) seems easier to deal with. I still haven't figured exactly how to end it. I hope it works out when I get there.

Actually, Orossy's motivations are . . .off, somehow. Which means some of the later parts are going to be screwed up too. Arrrgggh. -bangs head on table-

And I feel so horribly out of the music loop--I just figured out today that saxophonist Michael Brecker died this past January. I mean, I never met him, only had one CD of his (which, admittedly, I appreciated for his technique but didn't enjoy because there were too many notes for my taste) but, still, being a sax player, it's like a kick in the gut to lose someone good like that. I bought my best saxophone from his repairman.

Which brings me to another sax player, John Stubblefield, whom I did meet when I was in high school when I got to do a clinic with the sax section of the Mingus Big Band, and was a very sweet guy and happily signed the CD covers I mailed him and mailed them back along with some encouraging letters, which was awesome for a naive and wannabe sax player. I didn't know he'd passed until I heard him mentioned on the local jazz station as "the late John Stubblefield" about a year afterwards. So that hurt. Still does, actually. And I was so excited to go see the Mingus Big Band when they came out to San Diego a couple years ago, because I thought I'd get to say hi to John again, but he wasn't there, because he was too sick, and I didn't know.

Damn. I hate it when things work out like that.


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