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( Jan. 18th, 2007 09:24 pm)
Better day today. Did more on the lizard story. It's not going to be terribly long, after all. At least, not unless I can think of other stuff to put in there. Novella length, most likely, but e-pubs still take them.

Posted more residency pics in my gallery, including several of graduation over here

Here's a sample:

CPC looking scary (click it to see the bigger size and just why it's so scary)

Heidi pitching "this one story, with this one character who might be a guy or a girl, she hasn't decided, and oh, there was an elf, and she only has one chapter because she doesn't really know what's going on yet . . ." to Piz

And I'm FINALLY home. Thank goodness. Hit the road at 4:15am San Diego time and got home at 8pm. The car still runs, the house still stands, the cats are still alive and well, and the house isn't as trashed as I thought it would be from an overactive kitten (who seems to have grown an inch in every direction since I saw him a week ago.) Only one strip of TP around and one towel in the litterbox, and everything else is fine. Well, it was, until I gave Mina a can of wet food, which she promptly puked up on my carpet five minutes later, and which Fitz thought was yummy. Eeeeew.

As for residency--it wore me out. Very fun, and congrats to all the grads, like CPC and [profile] ambasadora who gave the speech, and [profile] marysang who wrote a very nice prayer which she posted on her journal (and extra congrats to her, since she has a book coming out later this year! Yaaaaayyy!) and Kim and Maria and Sharon and all the other folks.

Mostly, though, for me it's the little things that count. The dinners here and there, the conversations with friends and mentors, the sight of my whole manuscript on the desk hot off the printer, crazy conversations with my roomies at midnight, and listening to one of my friends tell me about one of his idols and what really got him started in writing.

I got one of those LJ's with the ads so I could post a few residency pics, so they're in the gallery if you want to go look. A couple of my favs:

Al and his gigantic fish sandwich

CPC as Teacher Boy

I'll upload a few more later when I'm not so tired. Have to work in the morning. Ick. But after getting up so early the past few days, 6:00am should feel like sleeping in. I hope. And my friend A. is finally coming this weekend. Yaaaayy!!!!


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